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Establishing a Morning Routine

We recently polled our audience on Instagram and one thing is clear – we all have something that we’d like to find more time for in the mornings. After years of experimentation, Printfresh founder Amy Voloshin has found a routine that works for her. We hope that by sharing her morning routine and some of her best tips you will be able to start or improve your own. 

By Amy Voloshin
May 2021
Establishing a Morning Routine
Establishing a Morning Routine

Over the last few years, my morning routine has evolved. Before a few years ago, I didn’t have a specific routine or even know this was a “thing”. Here’s what I’ve learned about why you should have a morning routine and my best advice on how to start one. 

Why Have a Morning Routine?

Having kids certainly accentuated the need to be deliberate with my free time, and having a morning routine has helped me with setting the tone for the day. I read a book called Daily Rituals: How Artists Work and it gave me insight into how having a particular routine can boost your creativity and be uniquely specific to what makes you feel focused, energized, and like your most most-satisfied self. 

My Morning Routine

I tried for 2 years to wake up early but found I constantly ended up too sleep-deprived. I felt significantly better when I was able to sleep until at least 7 am. It means I’ve adjusted my schedule and traded off responsibilities with my husband. 

I start by making a latte and journal with a stream of consciousness for about 3 pages every day. This is a habit I picked up from The Artist’s Way that has really stuck with me. After journaling, I’ll try to do a quick workout even if it’s just 10 minutes. When I am done, I like to make a smoothie, and then plan out my day’s priorities. I leave my email until later in the afternoon, but my team knows if they need something urgent they can always call. 

How to Start a Morning Routine

Your morning routine can be as complicated or as simple as you like. If your work permits you to take more time in the morning, make your routine as long as feels right for you. 

I like my morning routine to be a bit longer so I have time to get settled into my day. This helps me to feel calmer and less reactionary. 

In order to do this, I know I need to work a few hours on the weekend days to make up for that extra hour or so each day in my morning. If that doesn’t work with your schedules and priorities, try a shorter morning routine at first. 

I suggest breaking things into 10-minute capsules so it is not as daunting at first. That might mean 10 minutes of journaling, 10 minutes of reading something inspiring, 10 minutes of stretching or working out. You’ll find that even if it was just 30 minutes total, you may fit things in you’ve told yourself for years you don’t have time for!

What if You Get Out of Your Routine?

When I travel, or something stressful happens, I can get easily thrown from my routine. It definitely takes a lot of willpower to stick with it, but I try to make sure I’m enjoying the routine and that it’s something I look forward to.

Your Morning Routines

We received over 4,000 responses when we polled our audience on Instagram, it is clear that almost everyone could use more time for something in the morning – whether that’s exercise, sleep, family time, or just some quiet ‘me’ time. Here are just a handful of your answers:

“A cup of tea and a few minutes to myself on the patio before the chaos of the day begins.” 

“Waking up at a decent pace.”

“Walking my dog before work.”

“Cooking a decent breakfast.”

“Peace of mind. And a workout.”

“The kids. Not rushing them out the door but actually starting the day with them.”

The truth is that you likely won’t have time to do everything in the morning, but if you can identify the one (or two) activities that will really help you in the morning – you may find that the rest of your day falls nicely into place. I’d like to pose a challenge to everyone who responded to our survey or reading this post to choose one thing and make a plan to devote 10 minutes to it this month. Then, tell us in the comments (or on Instagram) how your mornings have changed. 

No matter how you like to start your day, I recommend getting a good night’s sleep in your favorite Printfresh pajamas and slipping into one of our luxurious robes when you first wake. 

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