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What's The Deal With Manifesting?

Printfresh founder Amy Voloshin shares ways she incorporates manifesting into her life. She uses the practice of creating a vision board to help ensure she’s aligning her time to the things she’s identified as priorities for how she wants to live her life. Learn how you can incorporate this simple practice into your life too.

May 2021
What's The Deal With Manifesting?
What's The Deal With Manifesting?

Manifesting, which is loosely defined as the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real has become more mainstream. You may have seen different practices centered around manifesting and wondered if they really work.

What's The Deal With Manifesting?
What's The Deal With Manifesting?

Is Manifesting Legitimate?

Nikki Brafman, the founder of the school of Manifestation says “Manifesting can be a great way to expand your consciousness and create a vision for yourself and how you want to live your life.”

She’s seen how in some circles many of her students were told if you affirm yourself enough, believe enough, or do these rituals or chanting, you will ultimately get what you manifest. When this didn’t always work, many of her students felt like failures or like they weren’t enough. In her practice, Nikki uses a  four-step process that is rooted in neuroscience to help her clients manifest what they want and need.  The process involves assessing who you are through Human Design. She then works with people to align what they desire to who they are energetically.  Third, she facilitates the work of clearing the subconscious and any limiting beliefs. Finally, it is time to really dig into manifesting your desires in a way that is more aligned. 

For me, manifestation is a process I use to help inform what I focus on. I find that it helps me to have a general idea of what I’d like to do, and who I would like to spend my time with. I’ve tried plenty of complicated planners and approaches but one of my favorite ways is through using a chart that is similar to in Feng Shui charting one’s Bagua

What's The Deal With Manifesting?
What's The Deal With Manifesting?

What is a Vision Board?

I personally use my vision board to identify what I want to spend my time doing. It’s easy for me to fall into habits or lose track of my sense of self sometimes, especially with the pressures of work, family life, and our busy culture. 

When I asked Nikki for her thoughts on vision boards, she shared that they are a great way to bring a manifestation practice into your life. The images on the vision board can act as a general guide. For example, if you feel as though you’re making time and doing things that align with your visions, you’re succeeding. If you don’t achieve a specific resolution, like a revenue target, or purchasing a certain type of car you may feel more like you failed. 

For my personal vision board, I like to pick a picture of myself looking especially radiant for the middle, and then use one single photo to represent the item that pertains to each area of the Bagua. I have it printed out and taped in the front of my journal. I made sure this wasn’t a huge design project so I could keep it with me all the time. ) This way I can glance at it each morning so I remember to do things like play music or work on my paintings. These are pursuits that can too easily get pushed aside if I’m not being mindful. 

I used to make a much more complex board - but I’ve found that simplifying it has helped me to stay focused on the major areas of my life I want to focus on. 

What's The Deal With Manifesting? ; Amy wears the <u><a href="" target="_blank">Lime Tree Long Sleep Set Pajamas</a></u>
What's The Deal With Manifesting? ; Amy wears the Lime Tree Long Sleep Set Pajamas

Adding manifestation to your life or goal planning sessions can help you get clarity on what is most important to you. Remember that while this practice might help you decide what you want to prioritize, you still have to put in the work to help bring it into your life. 

A great ritual for creating your own vision board might look like making yourself a cup of tea, changing into some Printfresh pajamas, and settling in with your board and some magazines. 

If you want to learn more about Nikki Brafman, or the School of Manifestation you can visit her website

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