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Abbott Hill House Plant Tour

After swooning over the gorgeous photos of Lizz Wasserman’s home, Abbott Hill House, we noticed a common theme of decor in every room - house plants. We decided to ask friend and homeowner Lizz to share a house tour of her plants.
By Printfresh Staff
June 2021
Abbott Hill House Plant Tour
Abbott Hill House Plant Tour

In 2011, Lizz Wasserman and her husband Isaac Resnikoff took a leap of faith on a plot of undeveloped land in Highland Park, LA. While this location seemed like a dream to Lizz and Issac, Lizz’s architect parents thought otherwise. However, with architect expertise from Lizz’s parents and the use of creative materials, they were able to build a completely net-zero home. The Abbott Hill House has become an inspiration for many and has been recently featured in Dwell. 

I have been following my friend, Lizz Wasserman’s home building process for a while now, and am truly inspired by what she and her husband, Isaac Resnikoff have built in Highland Park, LA. Not only is the home absolutely stunning, but it is completely net-zero. From frame to finish, Lizz and Issac prioritized energy conservation, sustainability, and a limited budget to transform their home. After seeing the final results featured in Dwell, we asked Lizz to give us an inside look at their home through a tour of their houseplants. –Amy Voloshin, Founder

Lizz’s Guide to Houseplants


What role do plants play in planning your spaces?


Plants play no role in planning our spaces… but we love plants and add them everywhere. In fact, I often need to pare them down or reorganize so they don’t take over! When we lived in smaller apartments and couldn't really change our space, plants were a great way to make those places feel healthier and happier. Now we live in a super happy and healthy space, but still want to bring more greenery in whenever we can. 


What was your process for deciding which plants to bring into the home and where they should live?


Honestly, we pick most of our plants just by look and have gotten lucky that they have worked out. For some spaces, we’ve worked backwards from what they have going on to try to get plants that will work in those areas. Snake plants, for example, can grow in very little light, and orchids love warm, humid places (so we have a couple in our shower). We got our serpent plant for its height, but our fiddle leaf started off about four feet tall and is now over 10 feet!


Do you have any advice for someone who wants to bring more plants into their home?


Yes! First of all-go for it! Becoming a plant parent is lovely! I’d recommend being open to finding your plants everywhere. We have some plants from our friends’ nursery, but I’ve also bought some at the supermarket. Also, keep an eye on which plants you can separate or propagate – you’ll end up with more plants or can trade with friends for variety. Pay attention to your plant buddies, and eventually you’ll start to understand when they need more or less water or nutrients. Finally, if you have the space for it, don’t be afraid to re-pot… most plants love to have room to grow!

The Ultimate House Plant Tour

Pink Anthurium: Lizz is obsessed with Pink Anthurium. Pink Anthurium, also known as the flamingo flower, is one of the prettiest tropical plants you can grow indoors. For tips on Pink Anthurium plant care check out this article!

Money Tree Plant: The Money Tree plant is known to bring good luck to the owner and may even reduce stress and anxiety. Lizz has seen tremendous growth in her Money Tree and recently moved it to a larger pot.

Spider Plant: Known as one of the easiest house plants to grow, the Spider plant can adapt to most climate conditions. It looks great in a pot or in a hanging basket, if you have a little more time for DIY!  

Boston Fern: The Boston Fern, also known as the Sword Fern, is a great indoor plant if your home lacks natural sunlight. Read more about proper care here.

Succulents: Taking a step outside, Lizz’s upper deck is full of succulents. Not only are they fitting for the forgetful gardeners, they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. 

Philodendron: Turn your home into a tropical oasis with a Philodendron. These plants have a fast growth rate and gorgeous green leaves. Lizz recently repotted her Philodendron and has seen tremendous growth. She recommends any pot from @plant_material

A huge thank you to Lizz and Isaac for inspiring others through their home building journey and sharing their house plant expertise with us. To learn more about their story and keep up with their lives follow Abbott Hill House on Instagram.

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