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Behind the Pattern: Bee Keeper

Go behind the pattern of our newest Bee Keeper PJs with Founder and Creative Director, Amy Voloshin. 
By Amy Voloshin
May 2022
Behind the Pattern: Bee Keeper
Behind the Pattern: Bee Keeper

We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve gotten asked if we have a bee print. Last spring I got really into embroidery and stitched up this bee design by hand. We were so thrilled with how the yardage came out and knew we needed to add it to our collection of embroidered designs to befriend our embroidered mermaids and houseplants. These stitched designs are so unique and are perfect for the queen bee in your life. 

Our Wholesale Manager Jessica and our Print Designer, Christiane, were college roommates, and both went through a serious bee obsession phase. They joined the Maryland Beekeepers Guild, took a beekeeping certification course at a community environmental center, and shadowed a local personality known as Beekeeper Bill as he went about tending to his hives. Christiane has read countless books about bees (shoutout to the science fiction book Bees that is a dystopian suspense about a hive’s political upheaval), and hopes to keep her own hive someday. When she saw my stitch-outs of honeybees, she was hooked!

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