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Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn

A friend for our beloved Unicorn's Garden print, our new embroidered design is replete with holiday hues trailing through each unicorn’s mane and tail. We’re pleased to introduce you to our newest pattern, Embroidered Unicorn, and share the story behind this design.
By Printfresh Staff
September 2021
Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn
Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn

In addition to being the name of a horse with a single horn coming out of its head, the unicorn can also mean something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain. We’re drawn to both definitions of the term, and are excited to bring you a new pattern that allows you to channel those feelings of power, majesty and distinctiveness. 

Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn
Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn

Our Newest Embroidery Pattern

This is not the first time we have created a design with a unicorn. One of our popular conversational prints Unicorn’s Garden is a staff and customer favorite, but this time around we wanted to use a more minimalistic approach. Embroidery is beautiful because we can use a number of colors and create texture without the design getting too bold. If you love our Daughters of Triton and Houseplants embroidery, you will also love this sparse layout of the beloved unicorn (this is about as minimalistic as we get)!

If you look closely, you will see that our unicorn’s mane is made of pops of pink and green, which gives a nod to the approaching holiday season, without being overtly Christmas-y. We design our pajamas to last across many seasons, and this pattern is no exception. 

Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn
Behind the Print: Embroidered Unicorn

Why the Unicorn?

Amy has always loved medieval artwork and there are a lot of beautiful illustrations of horses in this style of art. She was also inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry for this particular design - it’s an embroidered cloth which features a long length of embroidered horses in battle, many embroidery artists have created their own interpretations of this famous artwork including Erica Wilson. For more information on the history of unicorns in art, read our post on Unicorn’s Garden Inspiration & History.

Shopping the Collection

Embroidered Unicorn is available in Indigo in both our long and short sleep sets. If you prefer cloud, we offer this pattern in our long and short sleep sets, nightgowns, and sleep shirts. No matter which style you prefer you’ll be comfortable wearing this beautiful pattern! If you purchase a set of these pajamas, we’d love to see how you wear them. Tag us in your photos on Instagram! 

Looking for the perfect companion to these pajamas for a gift? Embroidered Unicorn is in good company. Here are a few other unicorns that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you!

• Add some whimsy to your book stack by adding in a brass unicorn bookend

• A copy of The Last Unicorn novel or animated film

• A beautiful and quirky Unicorn screen printed artwork by Mark Sabin

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