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Behind the Print: Flock of Flamingos

It wasn’t too much of a balancing act to create this prettiest of pinks print. Flock of Flamingos features our warm weather feathered friends in their signature color. 

By Amy Voloshin
July 2022
Behind the Print: Flock of Flamingos
Behind the Print: Flock of Flamingos

Christiane (our Art Director and Print Designer) and I are fascinated with flamingos and their beautiful feathers. After so many people told us they loved the flamingo motif in our Flamenco print, we knew we wanted to paint a new design that really let the bird be the star of the show. I think flamingos are so intriguing in that their bright pink hue comes from the food they eat. They’re so quirky and comical to watch - it seems like their personalities and voices are as loud as their color!

Like many of our prints, Flamingos was inspired by a mix of artistic loves (think coffee-table books filled with antique Audubon illustrations), as well as inspiration drawn from recent travel. Earlier this winter we spent some time in Tulum, Mexico. Every morning I would take a meandering walk down a jungle-lined street before walking out on the beach. While there weren’t flamingos here, there were plenty of tourists wearing flamingo-hued bikinis!

I think this print offers a great feminine juxtaposition to our Tropical Oasis print - both conjure visions of lush, overgrown tropics. While Tropical Oasis is cool and verdant, Flock of Flamingos is rosey and optimistic. Our flamingos are surrounded by an array of tropical flora, including the flowering Plumeria (also known as frangipani). These colorful plants grow into lush trees in tropical locations like Hawaii and India, but can also be kept in colder climates as quirky potted plants that grow lush outside in the summer before losing all their leaves when brought inside for the winter. It’s safe to say that this feminine print will be perfect for the warmer months - and we think it would be so darling for wedding parties too for getting ready outfits! 

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