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Behind the Print: Our New Ocean-Inspired Prints

Exotic underwater critters, aquatic artwork, really ANYTHING nautical - I love the beach and am constantly dreaming of how it might influence my work. Spending time there is incredibly relaxing, especially after a week of working in the city. That’s why we are so excited to share this mini collection of seaside-inspired motifs. 
By Amy Voloshin
May 2022
Behind the Print: Our New Ocean-Inspired Prints
Behind the Print: Our New Ocean-Inspired Prints

A Feast for the Eyes: Fruits de Mer

This dramatic seafood tower print is one of my favorites of the season. Plates of shrimp, towers of clams, lobsters, and oysters abound. A heaping bowl of mussels sits to the side, and the crab looks like he’s on the move. Cocktail sauce and little cups of butter dot the fabric, and bits of parsley and fresh slices of lemon are sprinkled throughout. Whether you enjoy feasting on seafood or not, this is a feast for the eyes!” – Amy Voloshin

There is something so communal about sharing seafood with loved ones and family. The act of sitting around a large table, enjoying the fresh delicacies the sea has to offer and bonding over a day well-spent in the sand represents traditions that will last a lifetime.  To me, this print feels like seaside culture handed down from generation to generation. Grandparents teaching their grandchildren how to crack a crab leg or laughing together as a youngster tries an oyster for the first time. These shared experiences will live on not only in seashell-printed photo books, but in salty-scented memories.

A Shell of a Good Time: Embroidered Seashell

“Inspired by morning strolls on the beach, I hand stitched these motifs into an embroidery pattern that embellishes your pajamas with beautiful shells – no matter where you are. These designs are embroidered with little stitches to craft each design. These really are some of our favorites as there isn’t anything out there like them!”
– Amy Voloshin

The spray of the ocean, sound of the waves and chirp of the seagulls paints the perfect backdrop for a sunlit stroll. Searching for the right shell, selecting it over all others and carrying it close to your heart can be such a meaningful experience. Placing it in your pocket, saving it for that special someone or keeping it on your beach house mantle is the perfect way to bring small joys into everyday life. There’s endless pajama options out there, but finding the right one is sort of like acquiring the right shell… it’s a bit of an artform, but always worth the search.

Under the Sea: Oceania

“Octopus, sea turtles, puffer fish, and seahorses (just to name a few) bob and weave through the plant life and coral in this colorful underwater pattern. We can’t wait to see how you wear it (hopefully by the sea!). Like all of our print designs, this glorious design was hand painted by our talented print designer and artfully arranged in the computer, and then hand silk screened by artisans in Jaipur.” – Amy Voloshin

Whether it’s your quirky Aunt from Florida and her bathroom adorned with neon fish, or the shore resort you go to year after year because you’ll never outgrow the nautical-inspired rooms, we can all connect in some way to life under the sea. I hope Oceania feels exactly like that for you, an invitation to make a memory that feels so distinctly warm and summery, and perhaps a little funky and colorful. With enchanting underwater friends like these it couldn’t be easier to sit back, relax and let the fish do the talking. 

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