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Behind the Print: Guinea Hens

Wander to the backyard and find our flock of guinea hens; shaded by the leafy palms of the trees, these speckled friends are the stars of our newest print. On a backdrop of marigold and surrounded by fresh tropical flora, this release was inspired by a love of tending to one’s homestead and the lively stock that bring us so much joy.
By Amy Voloshin
June 2022
Behind the Print: Guinea Hens
Behind the Print: Guinea Hens

Christiane (our Art Director and Print Designer) and I both love guinea hens - a bird that wears a pattern, sign us up!  I find them to be the most beautiful of the hens, their spotted feathers are just so unique. My family had some when I was growing up and during the pandemic we had a flock at my beach house. There is even a mural close to our office and some of the team members even have tattoos of it. What can I say, we love guinea hens around here! 

When it came time to design our Guinea Hens print, we knew we had to do these speckled friends justice! Guinea hens are able to live in a variety of climates but are originally from Africa and can thrive in warm tropical forests and even semi-desert areas. Since we love tropical plant life, we knew adding the palm tree detail would make for the perfect summertime print. Not to mention the marigold backdrop, it just screams midsummer golden hour! This incredibly happy hue is a fantastic colorway and we are eager for our shoppers to fall in love with it. 

Some quick guinea hens care tips: You can let them out to graze during the day, they snack on ticks which can be super helpful during warmer months in places like Southern New Jersey where our weekend home is. They can go out to wander during the day, and then simply ring a bell to bring them back to their coop to keep them safe at night. Word to the wise, guinea hens are very vocal - they  work best when you live in a more isolated spot as they can be very loud!

Humorous and incredibly loyal, guinea hens are plenty friendly but never afraid to defend their hen house. Whether it’s a small garden or an expansive island farm, these fauna make for the perfect addition for a garden well-tended and a sleep well-spent. This print is perfect for bird lovers and with an office full of birding enthusiasts, we couldn’t be happier to add this one to our collection! 

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