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Best Gifts for 30 Somethings

The holiday season is upon us and we have a feeling you could use a little help. Whether you are a planner like founder Amy Voloshin – or you’re more the last minute type – there is always a lot of gift purchasing to do at this time of year. To help you get it all done, we’ve rounded up some of our best gift ideas for the 30 somethings in your life - most of which can be purchased from the comfort of your own home. 
By Printfresh Staff
November 2021
Best Gifts for 30 Somethings
Best Gifts for 30 Somethings

Shopping for people in their thirties can be a bit of a challenge. To help make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of unique items that are a little luxurious, but at a range of budgets. This way, you can treat a loved one to something special they might not purchase for themselves. 

For the one who is taking hygge seriously

If you have a friend that can never be too cozy, here are a few items that can help them take it to the next level this holiday season. 

Printfresh pajamas, robes, and slippers
Printfresh pajamas make a perfect gift for the one who loves to stay cozy. While these pajamas are designed to be worn all year, prints like Candy Cane Stripe and Antelope’s Forest have a festive feel this time of year. Price: Pajama sets start at $112

Sips By 3-month subscription
Give the gift of personalized tea! Each month this woman-owned company will send your recipient premium teas with enough to make 16 cups. Price: $48 for 3 months

Maison Balzac bedside carafe and glass
Staying hydrated is so important. This bedside carafe and glass are the perfect addition to their bedside table to help keep healthy hydration within arms reach.  Price: $85 

Soap or bath salt from Vellum Street Soap Company 
This woman-owned business takes materials that otherwise would go to waste and uses them to make deliciously scented (mostly organic) soaps and skincare products. Choose a few bars of soap and pair them with bath salt, a candle, and/or balm. Price: Starts at $5 

For the friend who’s ready to take their fitness to the next level

They were the first to jump on the Peleton bandwagon or they live at their local yoga studio. Here are a few things you can give to help them take their fitness to the next level.

Sakara or Hungry Root Meal Delivery
For the one who hates cooking but loves healthy choices, consider a meal delivery service like Sakara or Hungry Root. Filled with nutritious, plant based options these meals will help fuel tough workouts or busy days. Price: Varies based on the plan you choose 

Base home testing kits
Base offers at-home lab testing to improve diet, sleep, stress, and fatigue. A test kit includes analysis and recommendations for steps you can take to improve over 90 days. Price: $59.95 for each individual test or bundle all 8 for $450

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream
They may have sworn off dairy and gluten, but perhaps they still have a sweet tooth? With crave-able flavors made of high-quality ingredients like cage-free eggs, grass-fed dairy, and oat milk this ice cream will satisfy their sweet tooth without artificial ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives. Price: $12 per pint plus shipping - monthly subscriptions available

Workout gear that comes with on-demand videos, like Bala Bangles or Alo Yoga
They may have had to move to their home gym last year, but that doesn’t mean they have to skimp on equipment. Both Bala Bangles and Alo Yoga offer a great selection of gear as well as on-demand workouts to help use them! Price: Varies but starts around $20 

Best Gifts for 30 Somethings
Best Gifts for 30 Somethings

For the friend who can’t wait to get the next stamp in their passport

They are known for having their bags packed for a last minute getaway in under an hour, and they are probably going a little stir crazy after so much time grounded at home. Help them out with these travel friendly gifts that will make them ready for that upcoming trip.

Custom Rimowa suitcase
A great high-quality suitcase is a necessity for the one who loves to travel, and sustainably speaking, it’s best to invest in one designed to last a lifetime. Beautiful and customizable and in a variety of sizes, they’ll think of you every time they pack their Rimowa. Price: (Starts at) $1,140

Organic Basics Recycled Cashmere Scarf
Whether they’re planning to hit the slopes or just head out to a cold-weather destination, this Organic Basics Recycled Cashmere Scarf is just the thing to keep them warm and cozy. Not only is it beautiful but by recycling cashmere, you’re helping to minimize your carbon footprint, save water and create less waste. Price: $195

Intro Gua Sha Tool and a Hydrating Mist 
Travel can be really hard on the skin so adding this Intro Gua Sha Tool and a Hydrating Mist to their toiletry kit is a great way to help keep them feeling fresh and hydrated. Price:  $62  for the tool and $39 for the mist

Printfresh Eye Mask Duo 
Sleeping on the road can be a struggle, and there’s nothing worse than being tired and cranky on vacation. Send them away with our Printfresh eye mask duo to help them get some much-needed shut-eye. Price: $48

For the burgeoning hobbyist in your life

Whether they have been a lifelong crafter or they picked up a few new hobbies during quarantine, this friend will appreciate these creative outlets. 

Floral Society Wreath Workshop
This (virtual) workshop comes with everything you need to make a floral wreath including the wreath form, tape, wire, and access to password-protected tutorials. No matter their aesthetic, they will love this wreath because they can customize it to the season and their personal taste. Price: $95

Le Parfait canning and storage jars (assorted sizes)  
These jars make sustainable pantry storage much more elegant. For gift-giving, they can easily be filled with anything you’d like including homemade (or purchased) cookies or sweets - like this easy-to-make gluten-free gingerbread cookie. If you’re heading to a holiday brunch, fill one of the smaller jars with homemade jam or curd as an easy hostess gift. Price: $6.00 - $20 per jar

Zero Waste Baker’s Bundle
For the friend who discovered baking at some point during the pandemic, this zero waste set will give them everything they need to bake cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods. To get them started, you could include a DIY cookie mix complete with festive mix in’s like marshmallows or holiday-colored candies. Price: $79.99

Lizzie Fortunato Little Candy DIY Kit
For the one who loves to accessorize, but is also a little crafty, this kit provides simple instructions for a hands-on activity - creating a necklace. For a fun and festive flair, the finished product looks like a string of candy. Price: $65

Best Gifts for 30 Somethings
Best Gifts for 30 Somethings

For the family member who has perfected the art of pandemic entertaining

You know the one… at some point over the past year and a half, you just stopped questioning whether the gathering would be at their house or not. 

DiBruno Brother’s Binge Watch Box
These treats are the perfect addition to their next outdoor movie night. With a wide variety of sweet and savory items, everyone in the group will be able to find their favorite treat. Price: $100

Slowdown Studio Mooney Throw
Speaking of outdoor entertaining, it’s that time of year where a beautiful blanket comes in handy. We think the Mooney Throw from Slowdown Studio is just stunning, but there is a whole collection to choose from. Price: $230

Uncommon Goods compact swivel cheese and tapas board
Bring a few blocks of cheese and some charcuterie to place on this collapsable cheese board. To make entertaining even easier, the board has a groove for your favorite crackers and bowls for you to add your own accouterments. (If you’re Philly local, try the cheese from our friends at Perrystead Dairy). Price: $85

Big Macs and Burgundy: Wine Pairings for the Real World, Vanessa Price & Adam Laukhuf
While the book can provide a great wine education, we’ll give you bonus points if you include a pairing you know they’ll love… like Lambrusco + peanut butter and jelly or Champagne and fried chicken! Price: $31.99

No matter who you’re shopping for, we hope our list has you inspired. What are you most looking forward to giving (or receiving this year)? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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