DIY: Fabric Coasters

DIY: Fabric Coasters

We love to reuse and recycle, and are back with another DIY project idea for repurposing the fabric bags that come with our pajama sets. We're making fabric coasters, a colorful way to protect tables and counters from summer’s icy drinks. Fabric coasters are surprisingly fun and easy to make, and don't take very long to finish. Our fabric bags will give you enough fabric to make 4 coasters, and if you're feeling generous you can make a set, keep two and gift the rest to a friend.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 cloth Printfresh drawstring bag (printed 100% cotton poplin), cut into two 4.5" × 4.5" square pieces
  • Sewing machine (or needle for hand-sewing)
  • Fabric scissors OR a rotary cutter
  • Matching Thread
  • Optional charms, buttons, or shells to embellish the corner of the coaster with (get creative, almost anything can work!)

Time: 10 minutes for construction, 30-60 minutes with Kantha stitching 

Step 1 - Cut your fabric bag into 4.5” squares. We would normally use 5” of fabric if we were making coasters from cotton fabric yardage, but in order to conserve the fabric of our bag we decided to go a little smaller in size. When cutting the squares from the bottom portion of the bag, you can actually use the existing seam so you have less sewing to do!

Step 2 - Turn the fabric inside out, and sew around the sides (or the 2 sides that aren’t already serged and sewn, if you are using corner pieces from the bag). The sewing can be done by hand, but goes faster with a a machine if you have access to one. Sew around until there is about 1.5-2” left. You will backstitch if you are machine sewing and then turn it inside out. You can use a pen/paintbrush anything pointy to poke the corners into a shape that you like (doesn’t have to be perfect).

Step 3 - Whip stitch the opening closed with a matching thread. At this point you can insert an embellishment of your choice in this opening before you totally close it up. If you have a little tassel, ribbon loop, a charm, or bead that you have been treasuring you can add it on here or thread a piece of twine through it and stitch it into your seam to add a personal touch.

Step 4 - Hooray, you have a finished coaster! You can stop here, but if you still have some creative fire going, add more texture and visual interest by doing some Kantha stitching over top. Kantha stitching is one of our favorite embroidery techniques, developed and perfected by artisans in India. Using 2-3 thread strands, sew a running stitch by hand back and forth along the coaster to provide lines of decorative detail. Stitching may take anywhere between 20-60 minutes depending on how small and even you choose to stitch.

We love seeing the creative ways you reuse our fabric bags. If you make coasters or tackle a different DIY project with your bag, be sure to tag us @printfresh on Instagram, or share your thoughts below!

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