DIY: Mermaid Mask + Coloring Pages

DIY: Mermaid Mask + Coloring Pages

We're getting creative with our Water Lily mermaid print! Keep reading to learn how you can use the fabric bag that our pajamas are packed in to sew your own face mask.

A few weeks ago the CDC updated their guidelines in regards to COVID-19, recommending that people wear masks while venturing outside their homes. With the current PPE shortages, many of the commercial options are (rightfully!) being kept for use by frontline healthcare workers. Fabric masks are probably the most comfortable and versatile option for everyday use, and have proven to be pretty effective when made from the right materials and worn correctly. And while the current reality can feel overwhelming and downright grim, fabric masks can also give us the opportunity to brighten the mood a little with a happy print. 

We're here to show you how you can repurpose the cloth bag that comes with all of our pajama sets into a DIY face mask! We were feeling nautical and wanted a colorway that would easily match any outfit.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 cloth Printfresh drawstring bag (printed 100% cotton poplin)
  • Small piece of coordinating fabric, (100% cotton - pillow cases and quilting fabrics work best)
  • Printout of your desired face mask pattern - we used Craft Passion's Face Mask with Pocket
  • Scissors OR a rotary cutter
  • 1 safety pin
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (or needle for hand-sewing)

There are lots of different mask-sewing patterns and tutorials out there. In addition to step-by-step instructions, Craft Passion also has a video tutorial that is helpful if you're a beginner at sewing. 

  1. Remove the cotton drawstring from your Printfresh bag. Fold the cord in half and cut at the center point so you now have two pieces of twill tape approximately the same length.

  2. Trace the pattern print-outs on your fabric and cut out 2 pieces of Printfresh fabric for the outer layer and 2 pieces of your lining fabric for the inside layer of your mask. Make sure to fold the fabric in half (or flip your pattern over when tracing your second pieces) so your pieces are mirrored. If you take the Printfresh patch off of your bag with a seam ripper, you can actually get enough fabric for 2 masks from one single bag! And make sure to use different colored fabric for the front and lining of your mask - this will help you make sure you're not mixing up which side of the mask touches your face so you protect yourself from the germs that hit the front of it.

  3. Sew your mask according to the face mask tutorial you choose to follow. We recommend choosing a variation with a "pocket" on the inside between the front fabric and lining. This enables you to put in your own filter material like a coffee filter or paper towel for added protection.

  4. Once your mask is finished, insert the drawstring twill tape pieces through each side of the mask - these are what you tie around your head to attach your mask! A good trick to thread them through is to attach a safety pin to one end and work it through the opening, pulling the cord behind it. Once the cords were through and evenly positioned, we added a small stitch through the center of the cord pockets to hold the cord in place so they don't fall out while washing.

  5. Wear your mask whenever you're in public!

Lily Mermaid Coloring Pages

We're big proponents of finding ways to add mindfulness practices into your daily routine (you can learn more about the benefits of gratitude and mindfulness journaling on our blog). While we love writing and meditation as outlets, as creatives we also love finding artistically stimulating ways to let go and embrace the present. That's why we thought it would be fun to offer our most popular prints as free printable coloring pages!

The adult coloring trend has been on the rise over the past couple years, for good reason - coloring gives people the space to relax and relieve anxiety. Art therapists and psychology researchers have been talking about the mental benefits of coloring for decades, but more recently we've started to see an increase in coloring books and materials made for people of all ages. Designs are more intricate and refined, and materials like markers and colored pencils allow more sophisticated technique and colors than the crayons aimed at kids. 

Below you'll find three printable options for our Water Lily Mermaid print. Art deco charm and artistic lotus illustrations bring this unique underwater scene to life. All it needs is some color - that's where you come in!

11" x 17" Sheet

8.5" x 11" Vertical Sheet

8.5" x 11" Horizontal Sheet

We’d love to see how you color our Lily Mermaid design! Be sure to share yours on Instagram and tag us @printfresh - not only will we be reposting some of our favorites, we'll also pick a winner who will receive one set of Lily Mermaid pajamas of their choosing.
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