I’ve been journaling for a long time. It may feel like a daunting task at first, but getting into the habit of regularly jotting down your thoughts can be seriously beneficial. What you write doesn’t have to be particularly profound - though, that may come later! Try setting aside a few minutes in the morning - maybe during your (first) cup of coffee - or as you’re unwinding at the day’s end. I think you’ll find that routine journaling will make you feel lighter and brighter.

There really are so many benefits of keeping a journal, and I’m definitely not the first to reflect on this. But today I wanted to share my top three favorite reasons - and why I keep reaching for mine, day after day.


Have you ever stumbled on your childhood diary? If you have, then you know both the hilarious and heartbreaking memories you’ll probably find buried in the pages. Keeping a journal preserves these moments, transporting you right back to that exact point in time. I love recording what’s going on in my life - whether it’s a casual recap of my weekend or more-serious reflections about my goals and dreams - so I can be sure I’ll remember those little details five, ten, or even twenty years from now. Reading over old entries also helps me trace our shifting world (like, how did we exist before cell phones?!), and more specifically, shows me how I’ve changed and grown. 


Journaling helps me practice self-awareness, which is widely considered an important key to being successful, and clarifies my thinking. There’s something about physically writing something down that really puts things into perspective for me. While talking to my husband and close friends is invaluable, journaling provides a special space to explore my inner-workings, without having to always make perfect sense. Recording and monitoring my thoughts, needs, and feelings is really helpful for understanding myself a bit better, and that brings me closer to something I think many people strive for: self-improvement.


A journal can hold other things besides your deepest secrets! For the more artistically-inclined, it’s the perfect place to sketch an idea you just can’t shake - I carry mine everywhere so I’m ready whenever creativity strikes. It’s where I try out concepts floating around my head, and parse out what’s working and what’s just not. Some pages are filled with endless doodles, while others have scribbled notes on a recent DIY project, or a favorite quote I want to remember. It doesn’t matter what you do to fill the pages - just enjoy the process of putting pen to paper.

If you’re ready to get started with journaling, your first step (and maybe the most fun!) is to pick up a fresh, new notebook. Head over here to check out all of the newest arrivals, and let me know in the comments which design is your fave!

- Amy

P.S. Stay tuned for weekly journaling prompts for creative writing ideas to fill your new notebooks and journals!

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