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Amy's Most Used Kitchen Items

For many of us, the kitchen has really become a safe haven (not to mention one of the most-used rooms in the house) this past year. Between cooking ayurvedic recipes and experimenting with in-season orange recipes – we’ve really come to enjoy a kitchen that is full of essential tools (while keeping the clutter somewhat managed). So often, gadgets end up taking up space and rarely seeing the light of day – it can be hard to know which kitchen tools are actually the most useful. 

March 2021
Amy's Most Used Kitchen Items
Amy's Most Used Kitchen Items

Our founder, Amy, has pulled together a list of her most essential kitchen tools to make for an efficient (and beautiful – check out her recent kitchen renovation) space to cook all of the Voloshin’s daily meals.

Multi-Use Kitchen Tools

1. Kitchenaid Food Processor

2. Blendtec Blender

3. Slotted Fish Turner – Talk about a multi-use kitchen tool… Amy uses this for way more than just fish!

4. Wide Mouth Ball Jars

Perfect for cups, food storage, and meal prep vessels for salads. They’re found just about everywhere and are just as sturdy as a container. 

5. Ball Jar Tops

These lids are helpful for meal prepping and easy for on-the-go. Amy also loves these lids for smoothies and iced coffee. She rarely purchases beverages when out (in an effort to cut down on waste), so these lids make it easy to make something tasty at home and transport it on-the-go.

Most Useful Kitchen Tools

6. Rice Maker  – Amy received hers as a wedding gift and has used it weekly for the last 13 years. What once was thought as an indulgence, has now become worth every penny and used very often. In fact, Amy’s dog, Meemo, can’t easily digest most foods, so he gets a special chicken and rice recipe every week.

7. Espresso Maker – Amy uses this one from Breville, but actually found it on Craigslist because of Leo’s great bargain hunting.

8. Lemon Squeezer – Another wedding gift that Amy and Leo received that has made it through with her for over a decade. It’s held up wonderfully and she uses it more than ever.

9. Peeler – A hotly debated item in the Voloshin household, Amy loves it while her mother-in-law isn’t the biggest fan. Do you love or hate your peeler? Let us know in the comments.

10. Apple Corer

Essential Kitchen Tools

11. East Fork Plates – “I love them!,” says Amy

12. Antique Silverware – Amy loves to keep her silverware drawer mismatched, so much in fact that her mom always asks her if she needs new silverware. But it’s a part of the fun to be surprised every time you pull a piece of silverware, right?

13. Cloth Napkins or Tea Towels – Cloth napkins are such a great way to avoid using paper towels. Amy has built a collection of antique tea towels, but also has a variety from Anthropologie, Ikea, and anywhere else she stumbles upon.

What are you using to cook these days? Tell us what your most useful kitchen tools are in the comments. Then, put on your coziest Printfresh pjs and get in the mood to cook or bake!

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