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Best Links from the Internet this Month

Read anything good lately? It’s a common topic of conversation at the Printfresh office, as many of us are known for our internet deep dives. Amy especially loves a good research project (no matter what the topic). Since we’re constantly sharing articles, news and books that spark interest – we thought it was about time we shared a few with you.
July 2021
Best Links from the Internet this Month
Best Links from the Internet this Month

Living plastic free is not an easy feat… but every little bit makes a difference. 

I’ve shared my new found love of homemade tea recipes before, so I’m very excited to try out this DIY tea bag for myself.   

Just got back from my first trip to Marfa, and this guide was so helpful for planning. (Stay tuned for my Marfa recommendations – coming soon)! 

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. What to do if a young child expresses dark thoughts?

Love these quilted jackets (yes, I’m already thinking about jackets). 

Applauding Pinterest’s new ad ban.

Considering the female founder’s version of unpaid labor.

I tried for 2 years to get up early before I adjusted my morning routine to suit my ideal sleep habits. Maybe we need to adjust our work schedule as well: “A growing body of research shows that to optimize health and productivity, workers should adjust their workdays to their sleep schedules.”

Seeking out perfectly cooked asparagus to pair with our newest print.

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