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Sweet Dreams Series for Pride Month

The Printfresh Sweet Dreams Series- A monthly spotlight on those who inspire us and the path they took to achieve their goals. For Pride Month, we’re talking with Hannah & Alia from @hersandhers_. Mental health advocates, big dream go-getters and Printfresh enthusiasts, these two discuss their unique journeys that brought them to where they are today!

By Lynzi Yearick
June 2022
Pride Month Header Image with Painted Stripe Pjs
Pride Month Header Image with Painted Stripe Pjs

Q: You two are a powerhouse couple in the mental health space through your Instagram account @hersandhers_. What influenced you two to take on this journey?

A: There was no influence in deciding to advocate for mental health other than the fact that we only ever wanted to be honest with our audience about our lives.  Hannah's mental health issues also played a very big role in making that a priority in our day to day interactions with those who follow and look up to us. 

Q: What were some of your dreams growing up and how did you accomplish them?

A: Hannah- I wanted to be my own boss for so many years and after putting my time in as an employee in various jobs, I decided to make that dream a reality. I also spent my entire adolescence dreaming of moving to New York City one day. With a U-haul van filled with everything I owned, a little bit of money, and a whole lot of willpower, I made that happen! 
A: Alia: I grew up with a love and fascination for show business. All I wanted was to be on the stage or big screen so I am proud to say that at 18, I moved to New York City to attend conservatory and pursue my dreams. While I have been successful in my endeavors and continue to chase that dream, I have now found a new way of channeling that gusto into the social media world as well. 

Painted Stripe Pjs on Hannah and Alia
Painted Stripe Pjs on Hannah and Alia

Q: What are some of your current dreams and how are you working towards them? 

A: We'd love to eventually own a house, have an epic wedding (which we are in the process of planning right now) and travel to many new countries together.

: Any advice for those looking to follow a similar path as you two?  

A: It's important to understand that nothing happened overnight for us. We've spent years and countless hours creating content and doing a thousand other little things behind the scenes, so it takes a lot of self-taught skills and patience. 

Rainbow Printed Pajama Set
Rainbow Printed Pajama Set

Q: Any tips for nighttime routines and self-care?

A: We always try to put our phones away once the work day is done and rarely bring them into the bedroom at night, either. It helps us disconnect from the online world and be more present in our own reality. Self -care is doing anything and everything that feels good and for us, that's cooking a nice dinner, taking an evening walk outside with our dog, taking baths, and watching TV.

: How are you planning to spend Pride month and how do you encourage others to spend it?

A: It's hard making friends as an adult and it can be even harder when you're a queer person, so we'd say to use Pride as a vessel to meet other queer people! That's what we plan to do by hitting up our local gay bars, attending the events, visiting local lgbt-owned businesses, but mostly-- getting a little out of our own comfort zones. 

Tropical Oasis and Lime Zest Pajamas
Tropical Oasis and Lime Zest Pajamas

Q: Why are you drawn to Printfresh, do you have any favorite prints? 

A: Printfresh is incredibly breathable, durable and cozy! We obviously love Painted Stripe as it’s perfect for Pride, Tropical Oasis and Lime Zest are also some of our other favorite prints. We're also drawn to any thing, brand, or product that's woman-owned and/or sustainable, so Printfresh is a staple in our home.

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