Our Printfresh Travels to Jaipur India

Don’t miss this Q&A chat with Printfresh Founder and Creative Director Amy Voloshin as she discusses her latest experience traveling to India. Visiting our factory partners in Jaipur is always special, but something about coming back for the first time post-pandemic was even more incredible! 

By Amy Voloshin
June 2022
Our Printfresh Travels to Jaipur India
Our Printfresh Travels to Jaipur India

Q: What was the reasoning behind going to India on this trip?
A: We have been wanting to travel back to India for a while, but it’s of course been challenging to find a good time to do so. Things were looking much more promising, so we took the chance to book our flights and head over. It was so heartwarming to finally get to connect after being apart from our friends and team in Jaipur- and it was great to get to spend time together and have some much needed celebratory fun. 

Q: Who all went on the trip? 
A: It was myself, Christiane (our Art Director and Print Designer) and Leo (co-founder). It was Leo’s first time going to India, so he was especially excited to get to go with us! Usually it’s tricky to travel together but the kids are getting older, so we were able to get away for a week while they stayed with family. 

Q: Has there been any major changes or updates since you last visited pre-covid? 
A: Not so much, a lot seemed the same - maybe just slightly quieter overall (although someone not used to the energy of India might not believe it, since there was still more activity than many other places). Some cute shopping areas like Hauz Khas have lost a lot of their cool, independent designer shops. Though I was sad to see less of the new Indian designers there, luckily Ogaan, one of our favorite stores for incredible dresses, remains. We were able to pick up some amazing new pieces from beloved brands. 

Another change is that our factory has moved their printing facility to a new location that is really incredible. It's so spacious and some of the new technology they’ve added is spectacular. They are now able to digitally print artwork layers directly onto the screens before exposing them. They are also now able to print huge artworks which is perfect for our new home collections!

Q: What was accomplished during the trip?
A: We reviewed and finalized our spring sleepwear designs and our upcoming fall home collection. We typically meet with our team members there and work in the factory for a few days and go to the printing house to say hi to the team and see any new technology or capabilities. The days involve a lot of trying on samples, working with the pattern maker and technical team, and reviewing and wrapping up all the details and designs so they can prepare for sewing and making our production run.

Q: Why are these trips to India so important to the Printfresh process and how does it affect the products we put out?
A: These days so much of our work with our partners is done remotely, through WhatsApp and Zoom, but it’s so much more fun to get to work together and catch up and connect in person. Of course we also love to be able to go out for delicious meals and cocktails at all the amazing places in Delhi and Jaipur!

Q: Are there any fun stories you’d like to share from the trip?
A: We were greeted in such a celebratory way when we got to the factory. The team decided to surprise us with a huge welcome party featuring music and lots of dancing. It had been 2 years since we were there last, but the team was truly such a fantastic partner during the pandemic. During a time when many of the factory’s other clients reduced and canceled their orders, our business started to grow rapidly - and through luck we were mutually  able to help each other out and support one another’s businesses. We are all so eternally grateful for being able to lean on each other, and it definitely felt worthy of celebration to get to connect in person again at long last.

Q: When will you head to India next and what will be the plans?
A: We’re hoping to go again in September, and this time we plan to take a side trip to Goa (which has always been on my bucket list). We’re excited to do yoga, birdwatching and enjoy the nightlife and amazing restaurants.

Q: Any quick travel advice for anyone thinking of going to India?
A: Oooooh, quick advice is hard. But, yes, I think Jaipur is one of the most beautiful places on earth and anyone looking to travel to India should add it to their itinerary. The architecture, design and overall chill vibes of the city are unmatched. Some of the best jewelry in the world is made here and the dining and sightseeing are truly breathtaking! The City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, Jantar Mantar, and Jal Mahal are all some of my favorite historical places to visit. Dining at Bar Palladio is great for any design lover, and shopping at Gem Palace is a real treat for anyone who loves jewelry. For affordable rest and relaxation we love to go over to the Hotel Narain Niwas Palace and hang out poolside (you can pay to use the pool for a few hours and it’s such a nice place to chill). We love to read and reset there while watching the cute chipmunks play! 

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