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Easy DIY Avocado Face Mask

It’s April, which means it’s time to officially wash away any remnants of the winter season and prepare for warmer days ahead. And that includes your skin too! Despite our best efforts, winter weather can cause our skin to look a little dry and dull. This DIY avocado face mask is the perfect way to exfoliate AND moisturize your skin – so your face and body will be glowing in no time.
By Printfresh Staff
April 2021
Easy DIY Avocado Face Mask
Easy DIY Avocado Face Mask

Make This Organic Avocado Face Mask

Adapted from this recipe, our at home face mask features ingredients that are organic and clean – and so easy to mix together for a quick DIY face treatment.

This recipe will make about 2 applications, but it’s best to use immediately (as the avocado will look fresher and more appetizing). We recommend either sharing with a friend or using the extra mask on your neck or décolletage.

“I think it’s incredibly important to give yourself a little extra moisture and something to exfoliate to keep a bright and clean appearance. This face mask is so simple because it’s full of ingredients that are usually in my pantry!” -AMY VOLOSHIN, FOUNDER


• About 1/2 tablespoon rolled oats
• 1/4 ripe, organic avocado
• 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
• 1/2 tablespoon organic honey 
• 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
• 2 drops of an essential oil of your choice


• Mash avocado in a small bowl
• Put rolled oats into a food processor to coarsely grind
• Combine oats and other ingredients with avocado
• Spoon out the mixture and apply to your face
• Let sit for 15-20 minutes before washing your face with warm water
• Apply your favorite face oil to your clean skin

Amy wears the <u><a href="" target="_blank">Bagheera Robe in Scarlet</a></u>
Amy wears the Bagheera Robe in Scarlet

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