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Behind the Print: Queen Of Hearts

They may be a symbol of love, but hearts can be fun any time of year. That’s why we incorporated them into our fresh take on the dot print you loved. It’s our way of reminding you to show yourself (or someone else) a little love on Valentine’s Day or any day. 
By Printfresh Staff
January 2022
Behind the Print: Queen Of Hearts
Behind the Print: Queen Of Hearts

Valentine’s Day can be filled with a lot of anticipation and pressure, but we’re fans of keeping things low key and celebrating in your own way. Think about what that means for you. Maybe it’s enjoying breakfast in bed (in your pajamas of course!) or treating yourself to a delicious takeout dinner. Whatever you choose to do (and whoever you choose to do it with) we hope Queen of Hearts pajamas helps you to feel (or share) the love.

Behind the Print: Queen Of Hearts
Behind the Print: Queen Of Hearts

A symbol of love and self-care

The inspiration behind this print was simple. We really wanted to create a design that celebrated love and self-care. That’s why we updated our classic dot design using a white heart and scattered them across a playful rosey-pink background. 

The collection is available in both long and short sleep sets, as well as a short robe. You can also purchase the shorts or long pants separately! 

It is our hope that every time you put on these pajamas you feel cozy and loved. Whether you’re celebrating yourself or thinking fondly of a partner or friend who may have thoughtfully gifted you with these pajamas. (Pro-tip: it’s not too early to start hinting that you’d like to receive these…)

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Creating and celebrating Valentine’s day traditions

Whether you’re spending time with your galentines, your partner, or treating yourself, having even the simplest Valentine’s Day traditions can make the day feel special. Here are a few ideas 

For Partners: To help juggle busy schedules, co-founders Amy and her husband Leo created a tradition where they alternate who is in charge of making plans. Their only “rule” – the one who isn’t making the plans needs to keep an open mind and go along with whatever the other has in store for the day. 

For Galentines: Getting friends together for a meal is a great way to catch up and enjoy the unique bond you share with friends. Make reservations at a new restaurant or cook something special. Don’t overthink it – planning the perfect night with friends is easier than you think.

For Yourself: Choose something that feels good and special to you. This could include getting a massage, indulging in a favorite flavored latte or some chocolates, buying yourself some flowers, or just staying in your pajamas all day. 

How do you celebrate love and self-care in your home? We’d love to hear more about your favorite traditions in the comments. Wearing Printfresh this season? We love to see how (and where) you wear our pajamas so take a selfie (or three) and tag us on Instagram! We’ll show you some love right back.

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