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Gifts for The Men in Your Life

Get ahead of the holiday rush and start shopping for the men on your list with the help of our team at Printfresh. We’ve searched high and low for the best gift ideas and we’re excited to share our men’s gift guide featuring sustainable and unique ideas for every type of man. 
By Printfresh Staff
November 2021
Gifts for The Men in Your Life
Gifts for The Men in Your Life

Whether you have a significant other who buys what they want when they want it, or a dad who says he doesn’t want anything, or even a  coworker that just has you stumped for ideas – we’ve done the groundwork and hunted down some exciting gift ideas for every man on your shopping list. Here’s to making gifting easy this year with our list of the best gifts for the men in your life.

For the man who is passionate about skincare

The Good Multifunctional Face Serum by Caldera + Lab
This serum can do it all – including reducing fine lines and wrinkles and helping skin look tighter and smoother. It’s like the gift of youth in a bottle. Price: $97

A clean skincare solution from Ursa Major
We may know the importance of taking care of our skin, but some of the men we love may need a little help in that department. This vegan and gluten-free moisturizing face wash is made from clean ingredients, making it a great product for the beginner’s skincare routine. Price: $30

For the husband who wants to dress with style

Corduroy Work Jacket from Alex Mill
Step up his fashion game with this lightweight vintage inspired corduroy jacket. This brand is full of timeless and classic pieces that will level up his wardrobe for years to come. Price: $165

American Giant Sweatshirt
What man doesn’t like to dress for comfort? A sweatshirt from American Giant will keep your hubby comfortable and looking good in clothes that are built to last. Price: $90 - $238

Men’s PJs
Maybe your man has got his daytime style figured out, but he needs to get out of those ratty old t-shirts he sleeps in every night. Choose from our selection of bold printed pajamas that are lightweight and trendy, and pick up a set for yourself too (just imagine how cute the pictures will be)! Price: $148

Gifts for The Men in Your Life
Gifts for The Men in Your Life

For the dad exploring the world of cooking beyond his grill

FoodHeim by Eric Wareheim
Comedian and winemaker Eric Wareheim explores his passion for food and drink in this new book featuring life stories and must-try recipes. Bonus points if you pair this book with a wine club membership to Wareheim’s Las Jaras WinesPrice: $35

Cast Iron Pan
This pre-seasoned pan can sear, sauté, bake, broil, and (since dad loves it so much) grill. Kiss the Weber goodbye because this might be his new favorite cookware. Price: $27.95

For the brother who never misses a workout

Reigning Champ Workout Clothes
Upgrade your bro’s workout clothes with Reigning Champ’s athletic wear that is all about details and mastering simplicity. Price: $80 - $145

Running Sneakers from Hylo Athletics
A good sneaker can make a real difference in athletic performance, but Hylo also makes a difference for the environment. These shoes are made almost entirely out of renewable materials like corn fibre and natural rubber. Price: $130

For your in-laws who always leave you stumped

Dollar Shave Club Gift Set
This shaving gift set from Dollar Shave Club will make your in-laws wonder why they ever bought drugstore razors. Give the gift of a smooth shave with high-quality products that make grooming a breeze. Price: $130

Cameo video
Get ready for the look of shock on your brother-in-law’s face when he watches a video of his idol talking to him. Cameo allows you to buy a personalized message from every kind of celebrity (even the biggest internet personalities). It will be a gift he’ll never forget. Price: Ranges depending on the celebrity you choose

Personalized Cutting Board
Make his daily dinner preparation special with a personalized cutting board for your father-in-law. These timeless kitchen accessories are American-made using sustainably forested wood that can withstand years of wear and tear. Price: $169 - $184

Gifts for The Men in Your Life
Gifts for The Men in Your Life

For your tech-savvy boss who’s obsessed with the next big thing

Introduce your boss to the new way of note-taking. No more pesky piles of paper or lost information. The Remarkable2 is a digital paper tablet that allows you to take notes, read, and review documents. He’ll step into 2022 with a whole new level of productivity. Price: $399

LARQ Water Bottle
This self-cleaning water bottle (yes, you heard us...self cleaning) uses UV-C LED light to rid your water and bottle of harmful bacteria. It’s a sustainable solution to plastic bottles that’s smarter, cleaner, and better than other insulated water bottles. Who wouldn’t want to try that? Price: $95

For the coworker embarking on a health and wellness journey

Chances are, you know someone who’s trying to cut back on their daily coffee habit. Enter MUD/WTR. This powder is made from mushrooms and other organic ingredients and offers all the benefits of coffee, like alertness and focus, without the jitters and loss of a good night’s sleep. Price: $40

Headspace Meditation Subscription
We all have work stress, but mindfulness can help. Headspace is a meditation app designed to fit into any busy lifestyle, so your coworker can destress in 10 minutes a day. Price: $12.99 - $69.99

Whether you're searching for something special for your significant other or you’ve run out of ideas for what to get your boss this year, these unique gifts for men are sure to put a smile on their face this holiday season. 

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