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Favorite Ways to Use Limes in the Kitchen

Limes aren’t just for margaritas. In celebration of our Lush Limes pajama collection, we rounded up some of the best lime recipes to go beyond the basics. Throw on your favorite pair of Lime Zest pajamas and enjoy the ritual of preparing some delicious food and beverages.
By Printfresh Staff
June 2021
Favorite Ways to Use Limes in the Kitchen
Favorite Ways to Use Limes in the Kitchen

Whether you are planning to do some summer entertaining or just want to try out some new dishes and drinks, these recipes star one of our favorite citrus fruits - limes. Since we’ve already shared some great uses for lemons and a few for oranges, we just had to profile this summery citrus as well. Grab a few limes next time you’re at the market and use them along with some favorite kitchen staples to make some luxurious meals and treats.

Photo credit: <u><a href="" target="_blank">Lola's Cocina</a></u> 
Photo credit: Lola's Cocina 

Lime Beverages

Hibiscus Limeade: Hibiscus tea or agua fresca is incredibly refreshing in the warm summer months. This recipe combines hibiscus with the citrusy flavor of limes. You can enjoy this as an afternoon pick me up, or make it in the evenings and add to your spirit of choice (we recommend tequila, or perhaps a non-alcholic alternative). 

The Gimlet: A classic cocktail made with gin and sweetened lime juice, the gimlet is a great choice for summer cocktail parties. If you’re planning to have a few friends outside you can mix a batch of them easily. Remember to cut a few lime wheels for garnishing.

Elderflower Southside Popsicle: This one isn’t technically a beverage but since these popsicles are made with Empress’ beautiful purple gin and elderflower tonic, we’re including it here. These Instagram-worthy frozen cocktails are sure to impress at your next barbeque or picnic, and they even double as dessert! The gin gets its color from butterfly pea tea (not food dye) and popsicles are the perfect thing to make in advance so you can enjoy your evening with friends. If you don’t have purple gin, don’t worry, whatever you have in the bar will taste equally delicious. 

Photo credit: <u><a href="" target="_blank">Serious Eats</a></u> 
Photo credit: Serious Eats 

The Main Course

Vietnamese style beef (or chicken) with garlic, black pepper, and lime: If you’re looking for an easy-to-make but adventurous dish to try for dinner consider trying this Vietnamese-style preparation of beef. You can serve this dish over steamed rice, watercress, or with large leaves of lettuce to wrap the beef in for dinner on the go! Trying to cut back on red meat? Here is a great chicken alternative

Cilantro lime dressing: This versatile dressing is great to help you beat the heat. It takes only 5 minutes to pull together (no stove required) and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s perfect for a taco-inspired salad: just add your favorite salad toppings like grilled tofu or shrimp, black beans, peppers, red onion, and even some tortilla strips. You can also serve this dressing with grilled corn or use it as a dipping sauce for your favorite proteins. 

Grilled lime balsamic sweet potatoes: If you need a side dish for a summer barbeque, and you’re tired of the same old potato and pasta salads, give these sweet potatoes a try. The tangy lime juice, brown sugar, and balsamic glaze will add tons of flavor to complement any main dish. 

Lemon-lime risotto with basil and mascarpone: This risotto is a great recipe for those nights when you want something light and refreshing (that pairs well with a good, chilled white wine). If you need a heartier meal you can always add a rotisserie chicken, some grilled shrimp, or tofu to the mix or serve this dish with your favorite salad.  

Photo credit: <u><a href="" target="_blank">Saveur</a></u> 
Photo credit: Saveur 

Sweet Treats

Kafir lime gelato: This gelato has an herbaceous flavor from kafir lime leaves and lime zest instead of the whole fruit. Since the gelato takes a long time to chill, it’s a great recipe for entertaining since you can make it well in advance. 

 Candied lime peel: This elegant garnish can be used to dress up other desserts like key lime pie, citrus bars, or even some plain vanilla ice cream. It is easy to make and will take your desserts from homemade to professional in seconds flat. 

Melon with lime syrup: When you want to end your meal with something that is sweet but not too over the top, try making melon with lime syrup. Elegant enough to serve at the end of a dinner party (or as a palate cleanser) and simple enough to enjoy on a weeknight at home. 

Whether you are just celebrating your new pair of lime pajamas or another special occasion we hope these recipes make your meal feel more special and fun this summer. Tell us in the comments, what is your favorite way to cook with limes? 

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