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Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor

December 2021
Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor
Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor

When it comes to decorating (or redecorating) your home, one thing you might want to consider are the textiles in your space. Unlike large pieces of furniture or expensive pieces of art, textiles can be much more affordable and easier to swap out - removing the pressure of a big decision and making way for you to have more fun with your selections.

Since I work with textiles for a living when designing our pajamas, I am very aware of textiles in other contexts and often draw inspiration from the different techniques, colors, and styles I’ve come across in clothing design. Over the years, I’ve leaned on my experience (and love) of different kinds of textiles to help me find great pieces for my home and office when I need them. Use my tips below so you can add more textiles into your own home decor.

Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor
Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor

Amy’s 5 tips for using textiles in your home decor

1. Start with your rug

I love a bold rug, but since the rug takes up so much space and can be a focal point of the room, it is important to work it into your design early. I’m currently updating my living room and the rug I chose set the tone for the entire room. 

Once you have chosen a rug (or any focal point for your room), you can start to select colors and furniture that work well with that piece – but be careful not to get too matchy-matchy. Mixing and matching different textures and colors will make your space feel and look richer and more welcoming.

2. Choose your pillows last

If you’re purchasing accent pillows or a throw blanket for a couch or chair, pick those smaller textiles out last, when you’ll be able to better see what colors or textures you need to bring your final look together. 

Keep in mind that some pillow inserts and the cases are sold separately. This may make your initial investment higher, but it also makes it a lot easier to make small updates later. One way to do this is to use a seasonal color palette, like using darker pillows in the winter and then swapping them out for lighter colors in the spring and summer.

3. Go ‘see’ things in person before you buy

When it comes to choosing textiles, I always recommend going to see them in person, and that doesn’t just mean with your eyes! Color variations, pattern scale and textile hand feel is incredibly hard to see from online pictures. If you like softer feeling textiles, you’ll be disappointed if something you loved online is too scratchy or rough. If you’re able to shop in-store you can get an accurate feel for the size, shape, color, and textures of the textile and you won’t waste hours scrolling through photos online only to be disappointed.  

Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor
Amy’s 5 Tips for Using Textiles in Your Home Decor

4. Save up to buy quality pieces 

When it comes to textiles, I believe that it’s always great to save up for the highest quality you can afford. High-quality fabrics can be woven to last much longer or have far more beautiful techniques than you may find in mass produced, less expensive textiles. This is similar to me belief about clothing and avoiding fast fashion. It’s important to remember that with embroidery and hand-done techniques you often get what you pay for - so I always like to invest in the best I can.

5. Consider making textile purchases when you travel 

You can pick up amazing pillowcases and other textiles when traveling. I always love discovering techniques that are unique to certain regions and it’s a fun reminder of that nation's handiwork that you can decorate your home with. These textiles also make great gifts, so if you know your friends’ or family members’ color palette and taste well enough, you may even be able to find a great gift for someone else’s home when you travel too!

When you’re updating the textiles in your home, don’t forget to recycle or upcycle your old textiles to give them a new life. Places like Habitat for Humanity ReStores or thrift stores will often take gently used textiles. Animal shelters can always use old blankets, sheets, and even towels. For more expensive textiles, like rugs or curtains, consider handing them down to a friend or family member who just moved to a new apartment or bought their first home. 

What is your favorite way to add textiles to your home? Tell us about it in the comments or snap a photo with your textile of choice and share it with us on Instagram.

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