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Behind the Print High Horse & In Bloom

Whether it’s long rides through the pasture or longer naps in bed, taking the start of the season to reset feels as refreshing as ever. Unwind and enjoy self-care with great friends, fall styles and plenty of relaxation as we go behind the print of High Horse and In Bloom with Founder and Creative Director, Amy Voloshin.
By Amy Voloshin
August 2022
Behind the Print High Horse & In Bloom
Behind the Print High Horse & In Bloom

We’ve been wanting to incorporate a horse print into a collection for a while now. I love depictions of these animals in art over the ages, they are always so interesting and stylized. We also had the vision to create a framed design making vignettes of different motifs. So we combined those two ideas to get High Horse! This design is so colorful and loaded with fun design elements, flowers and beautiful colorful horses. 

Painting High Horse
Painting High Horse

I grew up with horses on our farm and started competing when I was very young. I spent almost everyday training and caring for horses for so many years, they have always been a part of my life. They are such magnificent creatures, and are so incredible to spend time with. This print definitely speaks to my fellow horse lovers! 

Amy's Riding
Amy's Riding

This pattern is very bold, when coloring prints I typically don’t feel like I need to follow traditional markings for animals or creatures. The horses are white, shades of pink and blue which makes them feel magical. The olive shades of green in the print make it feel fall-like and luxurious. Overall there is a slight folkloric feeling, like something out of an old storybook. Between that and the colors, the print is more fanciful and decorative which I always equate with autumn. The collection incorporates a lot of natural elements, the prints are richer in color than you’ve seen in the summer collections which are always more bright pops with pretty pastels.

In Bloom is a coordinating print to High Horse that we pulled from its design. We were looking for some ways to add a little bit of floral in here and there and it came off as a clean complement to some of our more bold patterns. This motif stuck out as being so cute so we knew we needed to make it into its own print!

The pretty blue shade is accented with bright pink and olive so I feel the color combination adds a little bit of a deeper palette, while still being a bit on the lighter side in its overall appearance. It makes for a great transitional shade in the fall season. 

I think this is a great pattern for someone who loves a more feminine print, or for a total pattern lover that wants to layer it in with a High Horse style. We are introducing the quilted robe after so many requests for a heavier style to sport in the fall/winter. The first variation of the robe will be reversible with High Horse on one side and In Bloom on the other, that way you can enjoy both prints depending on your mood! 

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