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Sweet Dreams with Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce of @katepearcevintage joins us for a new Sweet Dreams Series edition to chat about her background in design and how she found success doing what she loves. From her infatuation with bold prints to her appreciation for maximalist décor, we knew our new Printfresh home line would be the perfect complement to Kate’s eye for statement-making style.  

By Lynzi Yearick
July 2022
Sweet Dreams with Kate Pearce
Sweet Dreams with Kate Pearce

Read along as Kate Pearce from @katepearcevintage talks about her background in design and how she followed her dreams. 

Q: What were some of your dreams growing up and how did you go about achieving them?
A: I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field, but never knew what direction to channel my energies. I took art classes and even majored in art history. "House Beautiful" was my favorite publication to read, even at the young age of nine It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I realized interior design was the area that I wanted to focus on. I started a vintage shop to sell vintage housewares and everything just kind of organically morphed from there into the career I have today.

: When did you know you wanted to work in the interior design space?
A: I always LOVED designing and decorating spaces, but never knew I could really be successful in that field without an interior design degree. It's taken years to gain the confidence to design for other people, but I really do believe that interior design is more about having a good eye (which can be trained!), and less about knowing the "rules" of interior design. In fact, I think NOT knowing most of the rules of interior design has been an asset to my career.

Q: What were some of the steps you took to reach your goals and find success?
A: I think, like most things in life, hard work and a good attitude get you far. I've had many setbacks, but I never quit. I was willing to work for (nearly) free for years while I got established (this meant working 1-2 other jobs at the same time) but I always focused on that important balance between humility and confidence. I try to constantly hold onto the humility to know there is always room to learn, I will always make mistakes, and there will always be people more talented and accomplished than I am in the field. It takes humility to be willing to learn from them, instead of feeling intimidated by them. All of that said, it's important to feel confident, too, especially in this age of social media. Not a day goes by without someone telling me I'm untalented or unworthy in one way or another, but learning how to dig deep and hold onto our self-confidence is absolutely essential. This is especially true if you want to be working on the fringes of interior design. By that, I mean if you want to push boundaries and do work that is outside the box, you're going to really need to hold on tight to your confidence.

: Any quick tips for someone hoping to break into the interior design space?
A: Be willing to do some work for little to no pay at first to build your portfolio and your reputation. The thing that makes interior design unique in the arts is that you are taking other people's money to work your creative process. While a painter can buy material and make a painting and THEN sell it, an interior designer takes a client's money upfront and works within the confines of their budget. It takes time and patience to be willing to build the necessary portfolio and trust to work in the field.

Q: What are some ways you chose to unwind in-home before bed?
A: I love to get into my pajamas and do my skin routine early in the night before I get too tired. It always helps me relax. I put my kids to bed by 9 pm and then take some time to myself, lounging in bed with a good book or a good Netflix show!

: What draws you to the new Printfresh home products and how did you choose to incorporate them into your space?
A: I absolutely love the colors and patterns throughout the Printfresh line (both home and loungewear!). I’m currently wearing the new PF x Pencil & Paper Co. Floral Safari short set! I couldn't think of more perfect textiles to fit into my maximalist interiors and I love that I can get that customized look by purchasing matching or coordinating patterns in different products. I bought the Flamenco pattern in the quilt as well as the sheets and shower curtain for my daughter Eva's room. People are constantly commenting on how high-end the entire space looks now! 

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