Our Most Maternity-Friendly Styles

Pregnancy, for all its highs and lows, is undoubtedly a time in life when cozy pajamas are a MUST have. Looking and feeling good during the long ten months of nourishing and carrying another human can help sustain us during the not-so-glamorous parts. We are asked all of the time what our most maternity-friendly styles are, so we thought we’d share our ideas - broken down by trimester. Whether you’re expecting (congratulations!) or if you’re shopping for a loved one, these styles are great options for the journey. 
By Printfresh Staff
May 2022
Our Most Maternity-Friendly Styles
Our Most Maternity-Friendly Styles

First Trimester

Nausea, fatigue and bloating are all common enemies those first three months. These options will give you something to look forward to after a long day of…being pregnant. 

• Our Short Sleep Sets are lightweight and breathable, crafted with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that gets softer with every trip to the laundry. They feature a mid rise with elastic waistband and drawstring, plus - pockets (!), perfect for storing extra ginger chews.

• Same elastic waistband and drawstring, but pants! Our Long Sleep Sets are great if you’re looking for a little extra warmth and come with a Printfresh tote bag - a great way to keep all of your pregnancy essentials on hand throughout the day. 

• Comfort and coziness is key during the first trimester and our Saturday Tees are perfect for lounging at home or running errands with a vintage relaxed fit, made from both thick and thin yarns to create a soft, flattering look.

@laurenfortsch, @shannonsolt
@laurenfortsch, @shannonsolt

Second Trimester

The belly is popping a bit more, energy levels are (thankfully) rising and you might be starting to feel that pregnancy glow everyone talks about (and if not - these styles will at least help brighten your mood).

• Our Sleep Shirts are flattering yet roomy, perfect for extra belly room without a frumpy silhouette (try our Lemon Zest or Orange Grove for a citrus-inspired mood boost!)

• You can’t go wrong with a nightgown during your second trimester, and our Cami Nightgowns come in a ton of bold prints featuring comfy, adjustable crossover straps. They can even double as a beach coverup or sundress.

• We think the PF X Pencil + Paper Co. Stamped Floral Day to Nightgown is perfect for months 4-6, offering enough versatility for however your body may have changed. This loose, button-down midi nightgown features long sleeves, whimsical print and bold contrast piping. It also comes with a removable belt, perfect for a more polished look if your belly still allows (style runs large!) 


Third Trimester

Ah, the joys of the third trimester. Now that you’re carrying something the size of a watermelon in your body, you’re probably feeling pretty limited with comfortable styles for pajamas. We’re here to help! 

• Our Pintuck Nightgowns are designed with a cute, whimsical silhouette that offers plenty of room for your ever-growing bump. They’re feminine and easy to pull right over your head (we know you’re not even messing with waistbands these days.)

• Our robes are perfect for any trimester, but especially for the homestretch when putting ANYTHING on is hardly worth the effort. Simply drape over your body and DONE. We recommend our Antelope’s Forest Robe in Ruby - long enough to cover the belly, with a bright color that will perk you up.

• The most comfortable socks ever? Yes. Your feet are probably feeling pretty tired - treat them with this set of 3 pairs, made from natural, unbleached American cotton. 



Congratulations! You’ve crossed the finish line of pregnancy, and now your days are hopefully spent soaking up those newborn cuddles (and doing 500 loads of laundry a week). All of our styles are machine washable, so you can wear them with confidence during this, um… messy time.

• Our Unicorn’s Garden Robe is perfect for your hospital bag thanks to its busy print and dark color (no stains to be seen here!) and gives easy access for baby if you’re breastfeeding.  

• Anyone who's had a baby can confirm that one of the most surprising postpartum side effects is waking up drenched in sweat in the first few weeks after giving birth. Our Short Sleep Sets are super lightweight and offer tons of breathability. Plus, the button-down shirts are nursing-friendly. 

• You may be sleep-deprived, but at least you’ll look cute. Our Sleep Shirts are roomy but tailored, featuring buttons all the way down, and come in a ton of adorable prints.  


Sure, going off-registry is risky, but trust us, she will feel so pampered with these luxurious gift ideas. Plus, these options don’t require you knowing her size. 

• Our Quilted Gift Set comes with an eye mask, zipper pouch and our weekend bag - perfect for a hospital stay, a babymoon or staying organized post-baby. 

Slippers are an amazing gift no matter the occasion, but foot comfort is probably very high on her wish list these days. Ours come in fun prints (obviously) and feature soft micro-suede lining and no-slip bottoms.

Robes. This may be the best gift she’ll ever get - perfect for pregnancy, the hospital stay, post-partum and beyond (hello beach cover-up!) our robes are endlessly versatile and come in a vast array of prints - there is truly something for everyone! 

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