The Ultimate Guide for Petite Shopping

It’s no secret that shopping outside of the “standard” body type is a struggle. However, it’s 2022, and size inclusivity is no longer a foreign concept. So, let’s take a look at some of the brands that have excelled in their petite collections.
By Printfresh Staff
January 2022
The Ultimate Guide for Petite Shopping
The Ultimate Guide for Petite Shopping

“I’m petite, so I totally relate to the shopping struggle. It can be really frustrating trying to find pieces that are not too long in the arms and inseam. Plus, tailoring often costs more than clothes these days - so shopping from brands that offer petite sizing is so important for finding the right fit.”
- Amy Voloshin, Printfresh Founder

The Ultimate Guide for Petite Shopping

A common misconception about petite sizes is the clothes are smaller all around. That’s simply not true. Petite clothing is measured by height, typically catered toward people 5’4” and under. However, there’s still room for more size inclusivity within this category to accommodate the various body types that exist even if you are considered short. The following brands are unique in their ability to not only cater to a shorter demographic but also to be transparent about sizing so you can feel confident in your purchases.

1. Petite Studio

Yes, that’s right an entire brand catered to petites. Their principles are heavily tied to producing slow fashion by investing time and energy into making pieces that fit better, last longer, and produce less waste. Each garment listing provides extensive sizing details including exact measurements of each piece, model details, and a fit description. 

2. Stature

Camille Moroz hit the nail on the head when she spotted a gap in the market for getting petite fits right. Just take it from Stature’s website that proudly promotes, “No generic sizing, ever.” Every body is different, and taking the time to buy pieces that fit our unique shape just makes sense. The brand features one-of-a-kind pieces including collaborations with designers and has extensive information about sizing (you can even learn how to properly measure yourself!).

3. Paige Denim

Shopping for jeans can be difficult for any body type, but petite shoppers are fed up with having to hem everything! Save time and money spent getting your jeans tailored and invest in a pair from Paige Demin. They have a great petite selection with plenty of measurement details like the inseam, rise, and leg opening, so you can get it just right. 

4. Reformation

We can all be thankful that Reformation puts sustainability at the forefront of what they do and offers a large selection of petite fashion. Every piece includes details about the fit as well as a size guide to help you make the best choice for you. Plus, you can feel great about the positive sustainability impact by browsing how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste each garment saves.

5. Madewell

Known for comfortable jeans and their classic style, Madewell is another brand that’s putting size inclusivity first. They include a size guide and measurement instructions on each piece of clothing, or you can utilize their true fit quiz to get a size recommendation made based on your answers. Plus, you can clear out your closet while you shop by donating old jeans (from any brand) for $20 off a pair of new ones. Through their partnership with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green, they keep our old denim out of landfills and put them to good use as housing insulation for communities in need. 

6. Christy Dawn

We love the long, flowy dresses that Christy Dawn is known for, but their regular sizing can be a bit too overwhelming for shorter bodies. According to their website, their petite collection is filled with their most-loved styles, just adjusted to shorter lengths and smaller proportions. Plus, their clothes are all made with up-cycled fabric or organic or regeneratively grown cotton making them a great investment for your sustainable wardrobe. 

7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie offers petite sizing in a fairly wide assortment of styles and brands, providing plenty of options to fit your unique style. Their sizing goes up to a 12P and includes shorter pant and sleeve lengths, tailoring at the waist and better-fitting armholes, all aimed at helping petites find their perfect proportions. 

8. Boden

We love Boden for their timeless approach to style and their sustainability commitments, and their petite collection is no exception. There are a lot of wardrobe staples for petites to shop, from denim and button up shirts to athleisure, dresses and even outerwear. All of their designs are made to live in your closet for years to come.

At Printfresh, we’re excited to be fully size-inclusive. It took some time and experimentation to get the right fit for petites, but we’ve finally gotten our sizing to a place that we all love. Our team spans the full spectrum of height, so we are all excited to be able to find our perfect size to rock our Printfresh favorites. Take comfort to the next level by finding your perfect Printfresh size too!

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