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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

The beauty of gifting doesn't lie solely in the present itself - the wrapping style you choose can be just as exciting, and even double as another gift that can be reused or repurposed by the recipient. To help inspire you for all of your wrapping, we're sharing a few of our favorite bohemian, eco-friendly wrapping techniques.

April 2021
Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas
Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping with Vintage Scarves

Also known as the Japanese art of Furoshiki, folding and tying square scarves in lieu of paper is a unique and eco-friendly way to finish gifts. Try picking out a beautifully patterned vintage scarf that fits your loved one's personality. Not only will the gift look amazing, the recipient will also have a new scarf to add to their collection!

There are so many different ways to tie the scarves, depending on the shape of the package. There are also lots of techniques designed specifically for wine bottles, one of the most popular hostess gifts for all of the holiday parties! You can find tutorials online, but we would also recommend this beautifully documented book "Wrapping with Fabric" by Etsuko Yamada.

Use Charms or Brooches as Decoration

You can find so many beautiful ornaments and charms out there, from hand-hammered and painted tin milagros hailing from Mexico, to embroidered felt animals or aluminum Christmas balls from a local vintage shop. This is a great way to top your gifts – no matter the season.

Curate a selection of unique ornaments, and try attaching one to your present with ribbon or twine, where you might have otherwise added a bow. Not only does it add visual interest or a pop of color, it's also an added gift that your loved one can wear or use as decor!

Accenting with Wrapping Paper Bands

We all have a favorite roll of wrapping paper that we never end up using because we love it so much that we don't want it to ever run out. But it's time to start changing that! Instead of wrapping your entire gift with specialty printed paper, try adding just a small accent band of paper. 

Start by wrapping your gift as you normally would with a recycled solid kraft or white butcher paper. Based on the wrapping paper pattern and the size of your gift, cut a band that is 3" - 10" wide, and long enough to wrap around the width of the present. This way you'll avoid wasting a bunch of paper by covering the entire package.

For bonus points, add a couple sprigs of herbs or greens from your garden.

What are your favorite gift wrapping traditions? Share them below!

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