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Favorite Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer

We love incorporating Ayurvedic cooking habits when feeding the whole family. Ayurvedic cooking, originating from the holistic medicine practice in India, Ayurveda, involves a physician determining your dosha to give dietary recommendations and balancing treatments. Our Founder, Amy, has rounded up a few of her favorite Ayurvedic recipes for summer from refreshing beverages to cozy desserts.
August 2021
Favorite Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer
Favorite Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer

Top Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer

Ginger Basil Limeade: This ginger basil limeade sounds like the perfect thing to drink after being out in the sun all day. It also takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Baked Pears with Cardamom: Baked pears are one of my all time favorite desserts. My best friend loves cardamom, so I'll certainly be testing out this recipe at our next outdoor dinner party. 

Hibiscus Tea: Not only does it look beautiful and taste refreshing, hibiscus tea is a great herbal option if you're avoiding caffeine!

Avocado Cucumber Guac: I’ve never dared to put cucumber in my guac, but there’s a first time for everything! Since I always overbuy cucumbers I like the idea of having another place to use them up and to make the guac a little lighter and more refreshing.

Watermelon & Cayenne: My daughter loves watermelon (it’s her favorite and great for her dosha) - but for my pitta-vata dosha it’s not the best match. However, I read that adding some cayenne pepper helps balance it out and keep the digestive fire going. I’m excited to try a little kick of some heat on there for a more complex flavor.

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Warm Weather Ingredients

Summer's quintessential hot days and hours of bright sun are directly in line with the dosha pitta, which makes my pitta-vata dosha especially well suited to this season. I like to incorporate in-season vegetables like cucumbers, asparagus, green beans and summer squash. Dates, figs, coconuts and melons are also particularly good for my dosha in the summer.

Determining your Dosha

My whole family is on board with Ayurvedic eating and really enjoyed finding out each other's doshas. My son and I are very similar in our temperament and body types, while my husband and daughter are much more Kapha. We found it really interesting to see how one’s natural body type and personality can connect so much to food preferences. 

To find out more about your dosha - take this online quiz! Let us know your dosha in the comments so we can share more Ayurvedic recipes for your health needs.

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